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Why you don’t immediately need a “Chief of” – StartUp Job Titles

Your idea is born, you’ve canvassed your family, friends and acquaintances, the team is already build in your mind and now you are ready to go. You are a startup, here it’s allowed to make mistakes, here everyone is the boss, here everyone is a “Chief of” …. Your CTO (chief developer), your CFO (chief of…

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How I record my ideas – my Livescribe – my rescue

First of all, this is not a sponsored post. I have honestly purchased this device and I’m only sharing my experiences with you. Your mind can be a tricky thing, especially when your head is so full of ideas. “Unfortunately”, I’ve got that quite often. The ideas come in the middle of the night, on the…

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Innovative start-ups – yawn or do I not understand that word?

In recent weeks and months, I have been constantly confronted with this powerful word “innovation”. In the course of this, it became more and more evident that I somehow had (or better: have) a different notion of it. But before I start, here is the definition of innovation according to Wikipedia: The term innovation can be…

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Ein Jahr StartUp – Wie fühle ich mich?

For over a year (since April 2014), I have been working on the alugha-project. with a lot of passion. Initially, as CVO (chief oddball), since September proudly as CEO. What started with my son Niklas (which is something I am very proud of), is now a home to 16 full-time employees, working student and freelancers. A start-up is…

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