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My Castle #1 – The Office

By the beginning of 2005 yellowTAB was running more and more and we moved with our office to a bigger place. We were growing up. I had to be in Mannheim all the time and it was kinda frustrating to stay in a small apartment while i had a nice house in northern Germany. My wife and my two kids used to life there. Another thing was my idea about an ideal world and father. In my opionion a father have to build a home for his family on his own. Our house in north Germany we bought when we were 24. It is a two family house and i had to rebuild a lot in it but it was not something that i could say -when i die- i build for my family. The other thing is that i am from south Germany and this is a totally different kind of people than in the north. I was fading like a flower in the 17 years i had to life in the north.

So in March 2005 i started to look for a new house for us in the south. I wanted to build it myself but yellowTAB used me at least 13-16 hours every day, even on weekends. So what to do? Well find a nice house which i can work at least in it as i did in our house in the north. I contacted several house dealers to find something. Nothing was really nice and i didn’t love what i saw. The last dealer we had showed me a house and said this is THE house for me. I was looking and well well well it was „ok“ but i didn’t really feel my heart beating. He said then: Look we have a very old house, hmm 300 years or so, but it is TOTALLY broken, no more roof, no heading, no power, no real windows, all done in sand stone…. i said: Well lets have a look and we drove there. And you know what? IT WAS AWESOME! I am a visionary and this is my real passion. The house was a 300 year old Beer Brewing house with an amazing cellar and with about 2700 sqm (1 sqm = 9 sqf) living ground but as i said: totally broken. I came into the office switched my laptop on and started my CAD Software to plan it and make the visualization of it in 3D. Today i can tell you it is at least 90% of what i thought it should be when i am done. Some of my friends followed it and said that i never can move into it as this is the task force „Mission Impossible“.

So end of the story 😉 Today i want start to show photos of it and about the progress i did. I think i will do it step by step. Funny is that while i uploaded the photos i felt all it again and how hard it was to do all that things. Most of the stuff i did my self with some help from friends and my family. But in the end i invested even by now already 1000 of hours into that house and i do not miss a single hour !

I write that article inside my office on a laptop which stands on the desk i did myself. Here you can see the office when i started to work on it:


Here it is a bit more detailed:


After all the heading and power pipes got installed and the roof got fixed we started with the ceiling and the floor and then the walls. Once this was done we started with the wallpapers:

Buero_FensterwandView to my sleeping room:


Once that was done we started with the floor:


You can see that we used OSB wood, it is warm and looks very nice!


After that part was done i wanted build in my desk. I must say that i just love to do things my self and specially when it comes to wood and concrete! I showed my wife the draft i did and she said this is very ugly and she doesn’t like it. I told her that the problem is that she have NO idea how the finally will look 🙂 and in the end i started to create it. The pictures you will see now are representing ONE piece of a desk where my wife, me and my oldest are working on and it have enough space for all of us and for at least 6 Computers and the Fax… It is about 8sqm (*9 in feet) and i wanted that it fits into the whole house and that it looks just cool and unique:

This is the part where i am working on (mostly with my son):


Here from the perspective of my wife’s place:


Here when you come in into the office from the floor:


Here from my perspective to my wife’s place:


And here from the backside of my wife’s desk:


So thats it for now. You can even here already see that you can do amazing things when you just work hard and do not lose the focus!

Stay tuned

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